30 April 2009

Queen Clippies- $3.50 each

(Click to enlarge image)
These clippies are approximately 3.5 inches wide and sold individually. Can also be added to a headband for a more dramatic look!

Q1: Ladybug button on black and red polka-dot grosgrain ribbon
Q2: Combination of white, pink, and green satin ribbon
Q3: Gem on black and pink with black flowers grosgrain ribbon
Q4: Pink button on white and pink with white polka-dot grosgrain ribbon
Q5: White flower on white polka-dotted pink and orange satin ribbon
Q6: Pink, green and blue polka-dotted brown grosgrain ribbon

Q7: *OUT OF STOCK*- New design coming soon!!

Q8: Clear gems on pink and brown striped grosgrain ribbon

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