26 April 2009

Princess Clippies- 2 for $4

(Click to enlarge image)
These clippies measure about 2 inches across, (give or take 1/4 in.) depending on each style.

P1: Pink polka-dot grosgrain ribbon

P2: *OUT OF STOCK* -New design coming soon!!
P3: Red with white polka-dotted grosgrain ribbon
P4: Sea green with brown polka-dotted grosgrain ribbon
P5: Blue gem on white satin with brown and teal flowers and teal ribbon
P6: Clear gem on medium pink with white polka-dots and brown grosgrain ribbon
P7: Daisy button on yellow and orange polka-dot grosgrain ribbon

P8: Black button on white polka-dot and solid black grosgrain ribbon
P9: White flower on white grosgrain ribbon
P10: Lady bug button on red and black grosgrain ribbon

** Princess Clippies 11-20**
P11: White flower on dark pink (or purple) and white grsograin ribbon- PLEASE SPECIFY
P12: Yellow button on light pink and yellow grosgrain ribbon

P13: Clear gem on medium pink polka-dot grosgrain ribbon

P14: White flower on pink polka-dot and solid green grosgrain ribbon

P15: Daisy on light pink and brown w/pink dashes grosgrain ribbon

P16: Blue dragonfly on solid pink and blue/pink striped ribbon

P17: Daisy on pink (or purple) solid grosgrain ribbon- PLEASE SPECIFY

P18: Daisy on pink polka-dot and brown grosgrain ribbon

P19: White flower on white grosgrain ribbon
P20: Pink button on pink grosgrain ribbon

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