01 February 2017

Hello my fellow hair bow lovers! It's been quite some time since I've updated anything on here, but I think it's time to get back into hair bow making! I will be changing a few things on my website and putting up new types of hair bows and hair bow holders as soon as I am able to get a few minutes to myself ;o) Having 4 kids ranging from 8 years to 5 months keeps me quite busy! I will update everyone once I make all the official changes. Thanks for bearing with me!

29 November 2012

LARGE Hair Bow Holder

A new creation for Rachelle's Baby Bowtique!!
 My little girl has so many bows floating around our house and with several smaller bow holders, I decided I needed a much bigger one to fit more of her bows in one place! Here is the perfect solution! Each canvas is 16" x 20" and you can pick color scheme, fabric and ribbon!
$15 each.
(Please Note: Because of the large size of these canvases, shipping cost will be a total of $10 per canvas.)

Pink and Brown Hair Bow Canvas
Hot Pink and Zebra Hair Bow Canvas

04 October 2009

Customer Feedback

I would like to have a place where customers can leave comments/questions about Rachelle's Baby Bowtique (service, quality, etc). Please feel free to do so if you've ever ordered anything from my site. Thanks so much!!

13 September 2009

Hair Flowers- $1.50-$3.50 each

Cute hair flowers that can be worn on a headband or alone. (Mom's- including myself, might even like to wear these! :o)
Flowers range from $1.50 - $3.50 each
1. Red Flower 4.5"- $1.50 
2. Large Pink Gerbera 4.5"-  $3

3. Large Red Gerbera 4.5"-  $3

4. Large Orange Gerbera 4.5"-  $3

 5. Large Yellow Gerbera 4.5"-  $3

6. Large Green Gerbera 4.5"-  $3
7. Large Blue Gerbera 4.5"-  $3

8. Large Aqua Gerbera 4.5"-  $3
9. Large Purple Gerbera 4.5"-  $3

10. Large Black Gerbera 4.5"-  $3
11. Large White Gerbera 4.5"-  $3
12. Large Zebra Gerbera 4.5"-  $3

13. Large Blue/Orange Gerbera 4.5"-  $3.50

14. Large Red/White/Blue Gerbera 4.5"-  $3.50

15. Large Pink/Purple Gerbera 4.5"-  $3.50

16. Large Cheetah Gerbera 4.5"-  $3

17. Large Green w/Pink dots Gerbera 4.5"-  $3

26 July 2009

Sports Team Hair-bows- $2.50 each

I've had many requests to make other sports team hair-bows, not just football. So, I am now taking requests to make any sports team colored hair-bows. I will only show a few pictures as there are countless teams out there! So please feel free to send me a note as to which sports team you would like me to make in a hair-bow!!

U of Iowa Hawkeyes:

Iowa State Cyclones:

U of Northern Iowa Panthers:

Miami Dolphins:

Denver Broncos:

BYU Cougars:
Texas A&M:

30 April 2009

Crocheted Headbands-2 for $3.00

BUY 1 GET 1 FREE!!!!

Buy one headband at regular price, get one FREE! Please indicate in your order which color you would like free.
I am also adding two NEW colors of headbands, HOT PINK and ZEBRA!
These 1.5" wide crochet waffle headbands will stretch to fit infants to adults. Each headband is interchangeable so you can add a flower or bow of your choice.

White (3 left)----------------Bubblegum Pink (10 left)

Cherry Red (4 left)----------------Lime Green (1 left)

Light Blue (1 left) ------------------- Lavender (1 left)

Chocolate Brown (4 left)-------------------Black (2 left)

Zebra (3 left)
Hot Pink (Not Pictured)- (2 left)

Queen Clippies- $3.50 each

(Click to enlarge image)
These clippies are approximately 3.5 inches wide and sold individually. Can also be added to a headband for a more dramatic look!

Q1: Ladybug button on black and red polka-dot grosgrain ribbon
Q2: Combination of white, pink, and green satin ribbon
Q3: Gem on black and pink with black flowers grosgrain ribbon
Q4: Pink button on white and pink with white polka-dot grosgrain ribbon
Q5: White flower on white polka-dotted pink and orange satin ribbon
Q6: Pink, green and blue polka-dotted brown grosgrain ribbon

Q7: *OUT OF STOCK*- New design coming soon!!

Q8: Clear gems on pink and brown striped grosgrain ribbon

26 April 2009

Princess Clippies- 2 for $4

(Click to enlarge image)
These clippies measure about 2 inches across, (give or take 1/4 in.) depending on each style.

P1: Pink polka-dot grosgrain ribbon

P2: *OUT OF STOCK* -New design coming soon!!
P3: Red with white polka-dotted grosgrain ribbon
P4: Sea green with brown polka-dotted grosgrain ribbon
P5: Blue gem on white satin with brown and teal flowers and teal ribbon
P6: Clear gem on medium pink with white polka-dots and brown grosgrain ribbon
P7: Daisy button on yellow and orange polka-dot grosgrain ribbon

P8: Black button on white polka-dot and solid black grosgrain ribbon
P9: White flower on white grosgrain ribbon
P10: Lady bug button on red and black grosgrain ribbon

** Princess Clippies 11-20**
P11: White flower on dark pink (or purple) and white grsograin ribbon- PLEASE SPECIFY
P12: Yellow button on light pink and yellow grosgrain ribbon

P13: Clear gem on medium pink polka-dot grosgrain ribbon

P14: White flower on pink polka-dot and solid green grosgrain ribbon

P15: Daisy on light pink and brown w/pink dashes grosgrain ribbon

P16: Blue dragonfly on solid pink and blue/pink striped ribbon

P17: Daisy on pink (or purple) solid grosgrain ribbon- PLEASE SPECIFY

P18: Daisy on pink polka-dot and brown grosgrain ribbon

P19: White flower on white grosgrain ribbon
P20: Pink button on pink grosgrain ribbon